IMG_2906What if the past was a country that we could travel to whenever we wanted, just to see how they lived, laughed, loved?” – Historian with a dream 

When I was fifteen, I made a decision. I wanted to study history. No discussion. I became selectively deaf when my family started talking job opportunities or future salary. My decision was made. Over the last ten years, my initial fascination with the past and her inhabitants has evolved into a deep-rooted passion. And despite all the stereotypes that come with historians and available jobs, I am one of the lucky ones that got to turn my passion into an actual job.

After four years of academic studies at the KU Leuven, I decided to widen my horizon and add two more years of Tourism Management studies (ULB) to my resume. Through my Masters in Tourism, I landed an internship with Leuven Leisure, a professional guide-organisation that offers innovative leisure activities to companies, tourists and locals. Guided tours, bike rides, brewery visits, workshops – Leuven Leisure does it all!

19145962_1726581834049048_421047687456859744_nToday, two years later, I am one of the proud managers and owners of Leuven Leisure. Together with my colleagues  Jakob, Alessandro en Sebastiaan, I’ve made it my mission to let everyone fall in love with the wonderful city that is Leuven.

After three years of guiding people through the city, I was looking for a new opportunity to get people to know the stories and people of Leuven.


So … welcome to my blog. I hope to inspire you to bring a visit to Leuven and to get amazed by this city. And who knows, one day, we meet each other in one of the many medieval streets of this university town.

And together we will yell, from the top of our longs: We are Leuven it! 





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